The Real World’s Joi Niemeyer: “My Mom Won’t Be Watching The Show

After 28 seasons, MTV’s The Real World is back for its most unpredictable season yet! Set this time in Portland, Oregon, this season features a whole new cast of diverse (and outrageous!) individuals. One of the newest cast members is the Seattle native Joi Niemeyer, a rebellious female who isn’t afraid to take a walk on the wild side!

Celebrity Teen Scoop recently chatted with Joi about her upbringing, the inspiration for her favorite tattoo, and what it was like growing up taller than all her classmates. She also discussed what it was like to tell her parents about her recent feature in Playboy!

CTS: What was the inspiration for your favorite tattoo?

Joi: “My tattoo on the side of my forearm is my favorite so far, as it says “may God watch over my family.” It was inspired by the two most important things in my life: God and my family. I wouldn’t be who I am today without them.”

CTS: You grew up in a military home, did you feel stifled by your household rules?

Joi: “I did have very strict parents compared to 99 percent of my friends. Getting good grades was the most important thing to my mom and dad. B’s were not acceptable in their house and in the summertime, my mom would make homework packets for my sister and I to finish before we could play. I remember removing the staple from the packet and throwing away a few of the pages because I hated doing them so much. Whose parents give their kids homework when it’s summer!?! Ha!”

CTS: You recently posed nude for Playboy magazine, how difficult was it to break the news to your parents?

Joi: “When I told my dad I did Playboy he actually wasn’t surprised. I kind of carried that personality, I guess. [laughs] He laughed and said he saw they were coming to my school and thought it’d be “right up my ally.” My mom was pissed. She was not happy at all about it. The thought of her daughter in Playboy didn’t sit easy with her, but she’s over it now.”

CTS: Tall girls sometimes feel self-conscience towering over their male classmates, what advice would you give to high school girls who struggle with esteem issues relating to their height?

Joi: “Man, I hated being tall in middle school and high school! None of my girl or guy friends were taller than me or around my height. I am pretty sure both my Junior and Senior prom dates were shorter than me. All I can say to the tall girls who haven’t embraced it yet is that I know it may not seem fair now, but in time you will thank God every day. You stand out more among your friends and who wouldn’t kill for long legs!?!”

CTS: Mother / daughter relationships can be trying at best.  How do you think being on this show will help you close the gap between you and your Mom?

Joi: “My mom won’t be watching the show.”

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  1. Katherine H

    I absolutely love this dress!

  2. I’ve always wished that I was just a little bit taller. I think that’s why I go crazy over heels.

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  4. Brigitte Shermock

    Am I the I the only one that thinks that TRW has become a broken record? It’s the same stuff each season, and each season they claim it will be something new. To me it’s run its course 🙁


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