Top 5 celebrity teens that have started out with simple drawings

The best art comes out naturally. That’s where the debate of how artists are made comes in. well, here is the answer. Real artists are born. They climb up the ladder as their work gets appreciated by the people. As we are discussing, several teens have climbed up the ladder and are now topping on the list of celebrities. Art is special. It has the power to take you all the way up. Of course when you are the only one with the creativity and ability to create what others can’t, you have the crown. Age doesn’t matter start practicing with an easy and cool things to draw collection your way towards success.

These 5 celebrity teens have the simple drawings they made to thank for their top positions of fame now.

1. Yung Lenox
The name goes close to mean young. Well, this dude is super young. At the age of 8, he has already set the world wild. He started simple drawing as early as 5 years of age. One could expect average drawings at such an early age. Surprisingly, Lenox has been making some magic. It is such amazing work that has led to his making of album covers that are simply iconic. Frieze new York even showed Leno’ work back in 2013. He is also expected to be at the Tribeca film festival premiere. Truly, Lenox is already a celebrity and the future is brighter.

2. Kieron Williamson
Yet another wonder kid. It seems 5 is the age artists showcase their talent. Kieron was 5 when he was discovered as a talented artist. He says that all he loved and loves now is to observe nature and explore more of it. A visit to the Cornwall England was the trigger to his drawing career. For sure, the inspiration was just what he needed to become a celebrity. His work was in demand short after starting small. Williamson is now earning plenty from art work. He even has the title mini-Monet. Which is obviously not a joke. His finely crafted work is promising.

3. Jack Ede
These days, the social media is all you need to become a celeb. Jack Ede never needed a teacher of art to create amazing pieces. At the age of 19, he has hand-drawn images of celebrities by his name. Yet he started with the simple scribbling. He had a lot to explain that an image of Morgan freeman he drew was not a picture. That should tell you how much of an artist is inside Jack. On Instagram he has made headlines and gone viral for amazing pieces.

4. Aelita Andre
She is probably the artist who started at the earliest age. At 2 years of age, she was already creating stuff even without knowing how to say them in words. The images said it all. It was back in 2011 that she held a solo show in New York. Her agora gallery did sold out within just a week. And more shows followed deeming her a celebrity with only 8 years of age now.

5. Autumn de Forest
Being a descendant to Robert W. de Forest who was a renowned artist, this young kid is ready to take the family to the next step of art. It is more than talent already instilled in the genes. At 13, autumn has already earned a ‘prodigy’ title. His income is huge and is already a celebrity. He is the kind that look back and see where they started and smile.

For all these promising artists, were it not for the early simple drawings they made, they could not be where they are. And still, more artists are being born, everyday.

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