Chloë Moretz: Holiday In Cancun

Chloë Moretz is currently on vacation with her family. She tweeted on April 17, “Cancun. The Moretz’s have arrived. #Loco”

In a snapshot on the beach the actress stands with her mom Teri and her brother Trevor. She tells fans: “We’ve arrived Mexico!!!! @teridukemotetz @chloegmoretz @trevordmoretz”

The 16-year-old also said, “My only complain of going on vacation is not being able to @soulcycle tomorrow :'(”

Chloë also shared photos from her time at the MTV Movie Awards last Sunday. She showed up wearing a Louis Vuitton jumper and had her nails painted nude with a neon pink geometric design.

Watch out for her lastest films Carrie and Kick-Ass 2.

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