Ed Sheeran: Living In A Lego World

Ed Sheeran‘s new song is titled ‘Lego House’ and there’s even a Lego version of the video, where each frame of the original video is recreated in the plastic toy pieces. So it’s no surprise Ed has become one with the Lego – he posted this pic and wrote, “I am the Lego man.”

The ‘A Team’ singer got the ultimate tribute – his head constructed entirely out of Lego. He shared the creation with his fans and wrote, “Pretty cool gift from Legoland.”

The ‘Lego House’ video is pretty amazing, with each frame of the original video recreated out of Legos – there’s even a plastic version of actor Rupert Grint, who starred in the original video.

Ed‘s all-Lego video almost didn’t happen – the company initially rejected his concept. “My original idea for the ‘Lego House’ video was to do a stop motion Lego video,” Ed said in a recent interview. “I was told that it would cost too much, I was told that it would take to long, and I was told that Lego didn’t really want to.

“It was weird, apparently I don’t fit Lego’s demographic ’cause I’m a little bit older,” he laughed.

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