Kendall Jenner: “I Love What I Do”

Kendall Jenner  posted the cover of Kurv magazine on her Instagram account. The publication also tweeted: “Hey @kendalljenner your @kurvmagazine out now in australia (USA soon). 30 pages!!! Congrats.”

The 17-year-old – who has been hard at work on her modeling career – later said on Twitter, “I love what I do & seeing the finished products makes it all worth wild! be patient with me people!”

She added, “I’m trying and growing and learning! again, loveee what I do!”

It’s no secret that sister Kim Kardashian has always wanted to model herself. The 32-year-old mom-to-be recently posted a video of Kendall lounging by the pool and titled it “Envy”.

According to The Huffington Post she says, “Look at this body on my little sister, Kendall Jenner. How jealous am I?” she says, while Khloe calls her a “creepster”.

Kim continues, “I’m not trying to be creepy!Kendall, don’t worry, I won’t call you too skinny. I know you get offended. But I get called too fat, so I’m just saying this is — yeah, it is kind of creepy. But I’m just jealous that she’s a model and she’s so tall!”


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