Miley Cyrus: “I Don’t Have Time To Go To Starbucks With My Boyfriend Every Morning”

Miley Cyrus has posted new photos of herself partying on Sunday (April 28). In the snapshots she’s seen with different friends. For one picture she simply writes: “Exs&Ohs.” In another she says, “@brianbowensmith such a fab night thank u @MarcJacobsIntl”

In the new issue of V Magazine – Miley talks about the challenges of juggling her new album and hanging out with fiancé Liam Hemsworth.

The 20-year-old shared, “I work every day. My assistant is always like, “I don’t want to hear you sing during the day unless we’re at the studio, because I’m at the studio with you from 5 pm until 5 am half the time.” And it’s like, I’m not home with my boyfriend all the time. We work. Every week it’s “Are they broken up? Because we don’t see a photo of them.” I don’t have time to go to Starbucks with my boyfriend every morning. I wish I did, but I don’t.”

“I’d rather chill at my house and be there for the time I actually get to spend with him. And then I’m at the studio all day. He gets up to work out at six and I come home at five from the studio. I put this record before everything, and I’ve never done that with anything. I’ve put too much into this record to put anything else in front of it.”

Don’t expect things to be the same from Miley.

She states, “That’s what’s crazy. I felt like I always got it. I would always secretly keep my sh**t for around the house. Now I’m like, (expletive) it. It’s not about the girly-girl shit anymore, the pop sh*t. Times are changing, music is changing, fashion is changing. It’s all changing.”

On the music she shares, “I got excited because on this record I can say whatever I want. And then I got more comfortable with that and the record got better and better. If I had made it two years ago when I should have had a record come out, it would have been a little brat trying to say “This isn’t who I am! This is what I’m trying to prove!” Now I’m not trying to prove anything to anybody.”


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  1. Linda

    I loved Miley Cyrus on Hannah Montana and I think that she has done a pretty good job handling fame and the spolight. Being a high profile celebrity is tough.


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