Miley Cyrus: Addicted To (Puppy) Love

There’s nothing a little puppy love can’t solve. Miley Cyrus has all she needs when her dogs are in the house, and she posted this pic of herself getting some TLC from her dog Mary Jane, writing “Mary Jane fixes errrrrythang.”

Earlier she shared a photo of her whole menagerie and tweeted, “Nothing these little faces can’t fix 🙂 #maryjane #happy #bean.”

In a recent interview with V Magazine, the 20-year-old talked about having her relationship with fiance Liam Hemsworth constantly under scrutiny. “I’m not home with my boyfriend all the time. We work. Every week it’s ‘Are they broken up? Because we don’t see a photo of them,'” she said.

“I don’t have time to go to Starbucks with my boyfriend every morning. I wish I did, but I don’t.”

But Miley does admit that – for the first time in her life – she’s having to put her work before her relationship.

“I’d rather chill at my house and be there for the time I actually get to spend with him. And then I’m at the studio all day,” she continued. “He gets up to work out at six and I come home at five from the studio. I put this record before everything, and I’ve never done that with anything. I’ve put too much into this record to put anything else in front of it.”

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