What Does Demi Lovato Really Think Of Simon Cowell?

Demi Lovato stepped behind the camera and tweeted out this photo to her fans on Friday (May 3). It’s unclear what project she was working on, although we’re guessing it might be the video for her new single, ‘In Case.’

The actress and singer recently opened up about Simon Cowell, her X-Factor boss who doesn’t have a reputation as Mr. Nice Guy. “He’s a grump. An old fart. But he has a heart that nobody gets to see,” Demi reveals.

“If he walked into this room, he’d treat everybody the same – he shakes everyone’s hand.”

About to start her second season as a judge on the talent show this summer, Demi has said she sometimes feels she started on the show too soon after finishing rehab. “I don’t think I was ready when I started on The X Factor,” she admits.

“In an ideal situation I would have maybe waited a year or more,” she continues. “I dived into work really quickly and maybe that wasn’t the best idea at the time, but the place I am in today is so much better than I could have ever imagined, so I’m really glad.”

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