Goodnight Argent Rocks Out With New Single And EP

There’s a hot new band to follow! If you love Justin Timberlake and Maroon 5, you’ll go gaga over the infectious pop-rock melodies of Goodnight Argent! The band consists of talented (and cute!) musicians Chase Manhattan, Shane Santanna, Jeff Stachofsky, Evan Taylor and Zac Burrell. Goodnight Argent recently took 1st place in On Air With Ryan Seacrest‘s ‘Best Cover’ contest and is sure to become a fave on your playlist!

Goodnight Argent’s new single “Those Were The Days” will be released on May 28th and their new EP is due out in July. Celebrity Teen Scoop had a chance to chat with the band members about their new single and EP, who their musical inspirations are, and what they like to do in their free time.

CTS: Goodnight Argent’s single “Those Were The Days” will be released May 28th. What is the inspiration behind the song?

Chase: My first real experience with falling in love was a summer romance. “Those Were The Days” was written as a reflection on that time in my life.

Shane: “Like Danny Zuko in Grease.”

Jeff: “Would that make us the T-Birds?”

Chase: “Right, except I have better hair than Travolta.”

Jeff: “You know that’s not true.”

Chase: “OK, fine…”

CTS: Your EP is also due out in July. What can fans expect to hear?

Chase: “We’ve been really evolving as a band, and I think the fans who enjoyed our first EP will see a tremendous amount of growth in this next release.”

Evan: “We’re bringing a bigger, more driving sound with some punchy hooks that you’ll be singing in the shower for days.”

CTS: Tell us about your recent six-week tour throughout the west coast. What was that experience like?

Zac: “Unbelievable.”

Shane: “Yeah, that was such a special tour for us.”

Chase: “Many of the schools were responding to us like it was the 60’s and we were The Beatles. The whole experience was surreal. We will never forget the energy, the love, and the connection we created with some of those students.”

Evan: “It’s funny, because most of the students had never even heard our music before we played for their school, and they were screaming and going nuts for us like they had been lifelong fans.”

Jeff: “Aside from making some amazing fans, I loved just being on the road with these guys for 6 weeks and getting to play live almost every day. By the end of that tour, I felt like we were so much tighter as a band.”

Evan: “Yeah, definitely.”

CTS: You recently won 1st place in a “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” Best Cover Contest. Were you surprised? What did it mean to you to win?

Chase: “That was a huge surprise for us. We actually didn’t even know we were in the competition until we saw one of our fan’s tweet about how everyone needed to vote for Goodnight Argent!”

Shane: “Yeah, our fans came together and rallied behind us. We really didn’t even push it on them or campaign for their votes; they just took charge and got us to #1.”

Jeff: “Seeing them have our backs like that was a great feeling.”

Chase: “It reminds us that what we have with them is very real.”

CTS: Who are your musical inspirations?

Chase: “Justin Timberlake and Ryan Tedder.”

Evan: “Chris Wolstenholme and Seven Lions.”

Zac: “James Taylor and Chris Brown.”

Shane: “Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake.”

Jeff: “John Mayer and Ben Gibbard.”

CTS: What is the story behind the name Goodnight Argent?

Chase: “We’re always in the studio together really late. Sometimes we’re rehearsing or finishing a session at 2 or 3 AM. Since our studio in Washington is on Argent Road, that’s how we got the name Goodnight Argent.”

Shane: “Shouldn’t it be ‘Good Morning Argent’ if we’re working till 2 AM?”

Jeff: “Yeah, then we could have Jimmy Dean sponsor our next tour!”

Chase: “Wow…”

CTS: When you are not performing and writing songs, what do you all like to do in your free time?

Chase: “I’m usually hiking or biking.”

Evan: “I love longboarding.”

Zac: “Playing basketball.”

Shane: “Hiking with my dog.”

Jeff: “Watching and playing sports. I’m a huge football fan.”

Chase: “We all have really amazing, supportive families, so we love spending time with them too.”

CTS: What advice do you have for young people thinking of getting into the music industry?

Chase: “Make sure you’re doing this for the right reasons. Make sure that music is your passion and that you genuinely want to share it with the world. If you’re in this to get rich and live the celebrity lifestyle, I think people will see through that.”

Zac: “Always keep faith alive. You’re going to get knocked down more than once and there might be times when you feel like throwing in the towel. Stay strong and never give up.”

Shane: “Don’t burn any bridges. Learn how to take criticism well and try not to take it personally. Music is very much a collaborative business. You need to have good people skills.”

Evan: “Be patient. Most “overnight success stories” took years of hard work.”

Jeff: “There’s no such thing as too much practice. Never settle and think that you’ve learned enough. Pay attention and take in everything. Every time you’re working with a producer, engineer, songwriter, or even another band, it’s an opportunity to learn something new.”

CTS: What else does Goodnight Argent have planned for this summer? Any upcoming shows?

Chase: “Right now we’re scheduling a summer tour to promote the new EP. We love being on the road and we can’t wait to see our fans. They make this all worthwhile for us.”

Shane: “We’re also working on a video series for Logitech UE and we’ll have a few shows in the Northwest while we finish our work on the EP. We’d like our summer tour to be national.”

Jeff: “We’d also love to go international. We’re starting to get messages from fans in Germany, the UK, and Norway. They’re asking us when we’re going to tour there!”

Chase: “Yeah, that’s pretty amazing to us. We want to reach as many people as we can. We’re taking things one step at a time right now, but we’re hoping one day for a Goodnight Argent World Tour.”

For more info on Goodnight Argent, check out their website, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

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