The Real World’s Jessica McCain: “It Was Very Difficult To Get Comfortable”

MTV’s The Real World is in the midst of its most outrageous season yet! Featuring a diverse cast of unique individuals sharing a house in Portland, Oregon, you never know what’s going to happen next! One of the vibrant and hilarious cast members is Jessica McCain, a small-town Southern Belle searching for her true “Prince Charming.”

Celebrity Teen Scoop recently chatted with Jessica about what it was like to leave her home in Fayetteville, North Carolina for the first time to make the trip to Portland. She also opens up about her love for “rugged hobbies” like hunting, her past engagement to a much older man, and what she’s looking for in her “Prince Charming.

CTS: Living in the RW house is your first time away from home.  How hard has it been to acclimate to a house full of roommates?

Jessica: “It was very difficult to get comfortable with it all; I had this dire need to feel close to someone, because I was so close to my mother back home.”

CTS: Based on your appearance, you might be pegged as a typical “southern-belle.”  How did you get involved with motocross?

Jessica: “My dad took the family to a local race to support one of our friends. Long story short, I saw a girl riding and thought to myself, “I can do THAT!?” I rode my first bike and was hooked!”

CTS: You also have been known to do your fair share of hunting and fishing.  What piqued your interest in such rugged hobbies and do you have any stuffed trophies hanging on your walls?

Jessica: “I’m not a huge hunter, but I’ve been out with my pop a few times. I do enjoy fishing though, from the dock to the pier, to setting nets down in the water with friends. I don’t like to unhook the live fish, but I’ll clean one!” [laughs]

CTS: You were engaged to a man quite a bit older than you.  What are you looking for in your “Prince Charming?”

Jessica: “Yes I was, and that was a mistake for many reasons. Someday I hope to meet an outgoing, warm, and funny man who fears God and loves his family. I hope to meet someone who is down-to-earth and loves adventure!”

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  1. Kellie

    The Real World was the first good reality show out there. Cant believe its still around!

  2. Lorayne Gothard

    I like reading about her. She is a fresh face and seems very sweet.


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