Joe Jonas Sends Mother’s Day Love

Joe Jonas shared an Instagram photo of himself and his mom Denise on Saturday (May 11). He wrote: “Love you mom! Happy Mother’s Day”

Back from the Jonas Brothers tour in Latin America – the 23-year-old singer attended KIIS 102.7′s Wango Tango concert held at the Home Depot Center over the weekend. He posted a snapshot from the audience and said: “What up wango tango”

Joe is still dating Blanda Eggenschwiler – but does he realize the rumors swirling around her?

Radar Online reported last month that Blanda is just after his fame and doesn’t even like The Jonas Brothers’ music.

An insider said, “Blanda can’t get enough of the attention she’s receiving now that that’s dating Joe and she actually believes she’s famous now. She told me, ‘I don’t even like their band. I just go to their show, appearances and meet-and-greets so the fans will talk more about me and buy my products.’ She’s all about herself lately and expects Joe to shower her with public attention.”

The source added, “She walks around acting as if she owns everywhere that she steps. She wouldn’t even hang out with her friends much at Coachella because she was worried she would miss a paparazzi opportunity. She’s never in New York anymore working on her career. Her life is pretty much dedicated to paparazzi shots, and her addiction to the attention she gets from his 12-year-old fans.”

The so-called friend reveals more!

“Blanda has a lot of control over Joe and his actions. She continues to brag about how she has so much control over him and she tells him when he can and cannot see his mom. To her, everything should be about her. She’s given up her full time career to follow Joe around from state to state or country to country.”


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