Taylor Swift: The Goat Video Is Brilliant

We’ve all seen the video of the goat singing along to Taylor Swift‘s ‘I Knew You Were Trouble.’ But it might come as a surprise that Taylor took no offense to the bleating tribute – in fact, she thought it was “brilliant.”

“I thought the goat video for ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ was brilliant,” Taylor told Billboard magazine “I showed it to everyone on my tour.”

Turns out the 23-year-old is a big fan of other animals on the internet, too. “I also love basically any cat-related YouTube video. Yes, I’m that girl,” she laughed.

Anyone who follows Taylor on Twitter or Instagram has seen her postings featuring her beloved cat Meredith. “I like the app where you can make your own memes,” she says. “I make memes all the time and send them to my friends.”

In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the video:

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