Thomas Kasp Dishes On His Role in ‘Surviving Jack’

FOX has picked up the new comedy series Surviving Jack. The single-camera sitcom is based on the Justin Halpern book I Suck At Girls. Set in the early ’90’s in Southern California – the story is about a father who’s taking a more active role in his kids’ lives.

Celebrity Teen Scoop recently interviewed Thomas Kasp – who plays the boyfriend role of Doug. Kasp’s TV credits include Community, Kickin’ It and Modern Family. 

CTS: You have a role in FOX’s new pilot Surviving Jack. What’s the show all about?

TK: The show is based on Justin Halpern’s bestselling books about his father. Specifically, this show is based off of his book “I Suck at Girls.” Surviving Jack is a show set in 1991 when a teen boy grows up with the advice of his dad. His mom goes back to law school, and his father, Jack (Chris Meloni), becomes the primary parent-figure. Jack is a no nonsense kind of guy and hilarity ensues…

CTS: Tell us about your character Doug. Are you at all like him?

TK: Doug is a little bit of a goodnatured doofus. He dates Rachel who is Jack’s daughter. He means well but he’s just trying hard and its very hard to impress Jack.

CTS: How did you get the role? Were you approached by the network or did you audition?

TK: I auditioned for the role first and then got the networks approval. Im very glad that I fit right in. Doug is a fun character, and everyone on set worked great together.

CTS: What is it like to work with Christopher Meloni?

TK: Christopher Meloni is hilarious. Such a talented guy. He has a very similar humor to his character and he plays this role perfectly. It was hard not to crack up on set. I have a scene where he gives me the “talk”, and It felt like I was on “Law and Order: SVU” instead. Chris is a veteran and his transition from Drama to Comedy is seamless.

CTS: What other upcoming projects do you have?

TK: I’m working on a few things and hope to have a busy summer, but you can first catch me on the Hallmark Channel on Friday, May 31st at 8pm! Then pick up a copy of the movie at Walmart.

CTS: What do you have planned for fun this summer?

TK: I’m looking forward to spending time at the beach, with friends, and hopefully working a lot.

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