Ian Somerhalder: Sexy In Soho

Ian Somerhalder has been traveling a lot since his breakup with Nina Dobrev. The Vampire Diaries’ star tweeted on Friday (May 23) that he’s in Russia.

He wrote: “Hello Moscow! I am here… I’m bummed I won’t get up see many of you this weekend-but I love you and hope to see you next year!”

The day before he was in London hanging out with his dad and sister Robyn. He told fans, “Late night eats with my old man in Soho, sipping Chianti and talking @is_foundation aka http://isfoundation.org  Farm plans-priceless…”

Apparently Star Trek Into Darkness actor Noel Clarke was also at the Groucho Club.

He tweeted: “Won’t say anything but Surprise! #Clarke and @IanSomerhalder”

Ian also mentioned how a fan tried to get a picture with him. He shared, “The lovely lady that grabbed my arm randomly on a London street last night wanted a photo& I politely declined-well you got one darling…”

However the two tweets regarding filming a new project has fans wondering if he’s working on Fifty Shades of Grey.

First he said: “Still can’t sleep-jet lagg. Working on a new movie script-take’n short break…”

Then he wrote: “Paris-it was short and sweet, thanks for the abundance of love. Great day in London, rehearsing new movie. So. Damn. Happy. Here. In. Europe.”

Hopefully he’ll confirm what movie he is working on.

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