Miley Cyrus: Weed Can’t Stop?

Miley Cyrus has raised eyebrows by posting a particular snapshot of herself this past weekend. She writes “I ❤ #chanel” but it’s her iPhone case featuring a marijuana leaf that’s grabbing attention.

She did name one of her dogs Mary Jane after all.

In other selfie photos she just shows off her designer duds.

“@CHANEL bandana @Versace bondage dress”

Her new single We Can’t Stop drops on June 3 and is currently displayed on a huge billboard in Times Square.

She tweeted a photo of the cover on May 28 and told fans, #TimeSquare #wecantstop everyone in NY rush TS and send me pics of my billboard! #5dayswecantstop”

The 20-year-old recently said at the Billboard Music Awards, “June 3rd – my single ‘We Can’t Stop’ is coming out and I’m so excited. I’m going to be going live with Ryan Seacrest and it’s going to be a world exclusive premiere, so it’s gonna be amazing.

“[It’s] exactly what I wanted and exactly what I wanted my first sound to be and my first look to be. It’s just an important message to tell my fans. They haven’t stopped waiting so it’s great.”

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  1. Darlene Arnold

    Something is definitely going on with her. She doesn’t even look like herself.

  2. She needs some help!

  3. Li

    Not a role model anymore. She definitely needs help.


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