Happy 16th Birthday Jake Short!

Happy birthday to A.N.T. Farm’s Jake Short. The actor turns 16 today (May 30)! On Saturday (May 12) he tweeted: “Whoa! 350K followers! June 12 my school ends! A couple days after I’ll have a HUGE contest! I’ll inform you a day early so you’re ready!”

Jake Short – who plays Fletcher Quimby on Disney’s A.N.T. Farm – once shared how he got into the acting business.

He told relatemag.com, “I got into the acting business when I was about 9 1/2 years old.  My brother actually wanted to do before I did and so I looked up at him a lot of the time and he was a huge role model to me, so I was like “this is really cool I want to try this out.” And so I started taking classes along with him, but he decided that he didn’t want to do it and I pursue my career, got some recommendations and here I am.”

Asked about the similarities between himself and his character Fletcher – Short replied, “He is amazing at art and I am of course terrible. I have almost no talent at art at all, but I think we have similarities in terms of that he is 11 and when I was 11 I was very very girl crazy and he’s very very girl crazy. We both are kind of dorky. We both are kind of ourselves around people, so which is good and kind of weird at the same time, but I enjoy playing them.”

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