Avan Jogia Is About To Get Twisted

Avan Jogia is counting down the days until his new show Twisted premieres on ABC Family. He posted this pic from a fan and wrote: “Make sure to watch #Twisted in 11 days on @ABCFamily! Thanks @VicJRosario.”

The Victorious actor recently talked to Glow magazine about his new series. “It’s a show about redemption and how when people are scared they will isolate and alienate you based on your past,” he said.

“The show centers around my character, Danny, who after spending five years in juvenile hall for the ‘supposedly’ killing of his aunt, goes back to his local high school to try and regain the trust of his childhood friends,” Avan continued.

The 21-year-old also opened up to the mag about his fashion and his future. “I have always really appreciated the lifestyle of gypsies so I guess there’s that. I look at personal style as a costume,” he explained. “Depending on my mood I’ll put on a different costume. I also like everything I wear to hold meaning or value, like shamans in a way. Most of what I wear holds a personal attachment or a story.”

When asked where he saw himself in five years, Avan joked, “I would like to be playing characters that are honest and imaginative, but hell, I could be pumping gas, I don’t know… I’m just gonna work hard and hold on to my hat.”

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