Taylor Swift: “Terrified” At Her RED Concert

Taylor Swift shared a photo backstage at one of her RED world tour concerts.

She tweeted on Sunday (June 2) – “Ran backstage for a quick change in the dark and ran into one of my dancers &realized their costumes are TERRIFYING.”

The Boot reports the singer is preparing for her newest fragrance called Taylor from Elizabeth Arden.

Referring to her Wonderstruck and Wonderstruck Enchanted perfumes – she said, “My first two fragrances were more about fairytales, but this fragrance is more about my own style, so I wanted the name to be more personal.”

The bottle is described “retro with a modern flair” and has pearls decorating the cap.

Swift shared, “I keep a strand (of pearls) in my purse, and throw them on whenever I need to dress up my outfit.”

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Photo credit: Twitter

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