Are Victoria Justice & Ariana Grande Still Fighting?

Last week Ariana Grande, Matt BennettLeon Thomas, Avan Jogia and Liz Gilles got together for a Victorious reunion. Looks like the co-stars hung out and had a casual jam session – Liz posted this pic and wrote, “Family moments @bonnott @jogia @lentomasiii @arianagrande,” and Avan later tweeted, “Impromptu Reunion.”

The only one  missing? The show’s star, Victoria Justice. Does this mean the feud between Ariana and Victoria is still going on? Though the two actresses have never acknowledged they are fighting, they haven’t been seen together and barely acknowledged each other at the Kids Choice Awards in March when Victorious took home the award for Favorite TV Show.

The two sniped publicly over Twitter a couple of months ago, with Ariana blaming the cancellation of Victorious on the show’s star. “The only reason Victorious ended is because 1 girl didn’t want to do it,” she wrote, referring to Victoria.

Ariana continued, still calling out Victoria for the show ending. “She chose to do a solo tour instead of a cast tour. If we had done a cast tour Nickelodeon would have ordered another season of Victorious while Sam and Cat filmed simultaneously but she chose otherwise. I’m sick of this bs.”

But Victoria wasn’t about to let Ariana point the finger at her, responding via Twitter, “Some people would throw some1 they consider a friend under the bus just 2 make themselves look good. #StopBeingAPhony #IfTheyOnlyKnew.”

And the fight didn’t end there. “You just can’t hide from the truth,” Ariana tweeted.

Both Victoria and Ariana have deleted their tweets and posts but the internet immediately chimed in, with fans firmly taking sides. Will the actresses ever speak out to clear the air? Looks like we’ll have to wait and see.

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  1. aubrey

    omg.. vic was out of town and the whole victorious cast wasn’t invited… daniella didn’t go either. stop trying to make this in to a big effin’ deal and move on! vic and ari already have!

    • i cn giv a f***

      I think this is none of our business and if they hate eachother thn they do and if they dnt even better. Everyone needs to mind their own fucking business and let thm decide thnk u

  2. Dearhbysymmetry

    She was on vacation you fool. Of course she wasn’t going to be there. Whoever wrote this is slow in the ole noggin.

  3. Dreamweaver

    it was victoria who wont a sing tour but she wont to leave, i work for the network CAT IS RIGHT!!!!!

  4. Crissy

    They both just need to get along and stop acting like this! They are both very sweet so I am sure they will get over it and get along I HOPE lol

  5. Victoria is so right she wants to do victirous and ariana just stop if victoria was being mean u should have ingored her

  6. Respect

    They both need to talk out there differences alone not i the the public
    I love them both but there alway a problem between cast on maybe every show which is sad becaues every actor just want to act not have problems . I’m very proud if both of them on the music 🙂

  7. I think ari over- reacted and shouldn’t point the finger at vic coz it wasnt her fault. If you see what a fan wrote to nicks twitter page, they denied it was vic who ended the show. However if you read the interview about ari on seventeen mag, they were never truely friends, it was like a show. I’m only bringing this up because of the interview and wanted to add my input to the situation. I dont get why vic hates ari and they should at least become acquaintances nevertheless friends

    • Anon

      I’m gonna have to disagree. SO MANY people were getting mad at her and blaming her for the cancellation of the show. There’s only so much you can take especially when the person you’re taking the blame for isn’t even your friend. I’m sorry, but I’ve watched a lot of videos of the cast & Victoria is always missing. I’ve seen one video of her & she wasn’t even with the entire cast she was with Avan (If I remember correctly) They could replace Cat. She’s a series regular, but she’s not the MAIN character. She plays a stupid girl so she’s not enough of a substantial character to have the entire show cancelled. Plus I read an interview where Victoria said she was happy about the show being cancelled because “everyone wants to go their separate ways” I highly doubt it was everyone. I also think that the network wouldn’t just come out & say “oh yeah we cancelled because of Victoria” People are trying to make Ariana seem like a bad person just because she’s a celebrity & she’s expected to keep her mouth shut, but she’s a person first. She’s allowed to get upset, that’s life. Telling her version of the story when she’s being attacked (which I think is the truth) isn’t over-reacting.

    • zam

      If you read what ariana said about the magazine, ariana says that Victorious was the HAPPIEST time of her life, and she was refering to her broadway musical 13 when she said she fellt she had to change to please somebody
      Morale of this comment: Get your facts right before you speak

    • Danielle

      If you are referring to when Ariana told Seventeen Magazine “I worked with someone who told me they’d never like me. But for some reason, I just felt like I needed her approval. So I started changing myself to please her. It made me stop being social and friendly. I was so unhappy.” …she later on said that they misquoted her and that it had nothing to do with anyone from Victorious,but with someone she worked with on Broadway

    • Lucia

      Vic hates Ari because she’s jealous of Ariana’s singing.

  8. Nigga

    My nigga both of them have no ass but I’d fuck em

  9. I can see why the show ended. If victoria would have stopped being immature then it would probably have another season. Ariana was taking up for herself. Victoria should realize that it was her own decisions that ruined it. Yes i agree that people should get over it. Here is an answer to victoria’s twitter post : Ariana didn’t throw you under the bus. You are not her friend. Why would she want to be friends with someone who treated her wrong.

    • Jace

      You’re stupid. She didn’t mistreat her in anyway, it was a misunderstanding. They were probably not close friends; no where near on the level of Ariana and Liz, and Avan and Victoria. But still friends. It’s not Victoria’s fault that she wanted to start her LIFE and CAREER. She wants to sing songs fit for a 20 year old, not a 12 year old. Stop being stupid.

  10. Anonymous

    I dont think Ariana needs to worry about Victoria, in my opinion, Ariana is waaay better than Victoria.

  11. John

    Jul 17 – 8:42 pm
    So what if she did leave them, i think we’ve got 4 great seasons of victorious! And like one of her songs is called “make it in america” and that is just what she is trying to do. You gotta do whatever makes YOU happy! And it was HER show anyway, so ariana is just being a crybaby even when she just got het own show! What do you want more!!

  12. private

    honestly the pic means nothing- danielle wasn’t there. Victoria was just trying to push her inevitably failing career forward. fun size was a fail, her album cover looks cheap, her song is pretentious, crappy, and fake beyond belief. The show was made/ named after her and its too bad that she jumped the boat to go on tour with a faceplanting boy band instead. All I have to say is let the best man win #teamari #shesalreadywon #lookathertwitterfollowers #truetallent

    • Anon

      I agree. She should of just stayed on the show. She’s lucky that she was able to bounce back after being on Zoey 101. She got to be on a TV show that revolved around her & they let her sing on every single song (even though Ariana & Liz’s vocal capabilities greatly surpasses her own) I don’t see her going anywhere from here. Meanwhile Ariana quickly bounced back with a new show bringing in more ratings that Victorious & starring her. It’s really sad I used to really like Victoria until I picked up on how self-centered & phony she is. Hopefully she won’t regret this.

  13. Anonymous

    It’s not Vic’s fault and tbh Ari shouldn’t have blamed it on her and she did kinda throw her under the bus like that, yeah she’s allowed to be upset though, and Ari has her own show anyway so I don’t see why she was complaining but I still love them both. so what if Vic wanted to go on tour and have a solo career, Ari ended up doing a solo career too. So it really doesn’t matter, Victoria is actually amazing and doing really well in her career as a singer, she never really needed a TV Show, as well as Ariana doing great in her career . So I think this whole thing should be dropped I’m not saying Ari over-reacting but I’m also not saying she was right for what she did . Of course Vic could have sat down and talked with everyone to see what they think about going solo, and ending the show, but on the other hand the show wasn’t gonna last forever and she had an amazing opportunity and she took it . I bet you if Ariana was in Victoria’s shoes she would have done the exact same thing .

  14. Anonymous

    *correction* I’m not saying Ari wasn’t over-reacting but I’m not saying she was right for what she did .

  15. Judith

    You ariana people shutup! Ariana thinks she can just point a finger at Vic. Btw, Victoria is FAR more talented the Ari. Not saying i hate her, but i loved it when they were friends. But I love Vic a lit more than ari’s ratings.

  16. Danielle

    Actually,Ariana did kind of throw Victoria under the bus.People were blaming the ending of Victorious on Ariana but she could’ve just kept mum and not have replied to them at all.It was unprofessional how BOTH girls handled the situation.Also,Victoria had been working with Nickelodeon for 8 YEARS,it’s understandable why she’d want to move on from Nickelodeon.And,if you go on twitter,@Victorious and @Nickelodeon basically only promote Ariana…not Avan,not Liz,not Victoria,barely even Jenette.Gold was not released worldwide on iTunes so no wonder it didn’t do good,enough people couldn’t buy it.

  17. Danielle

    Almost every co-star seems to be on another Nick show after one they’ve been on ends,and half the time they are the star.Victoria was on Zoey 101 then Victorious,Ariana Grande was on Victorious then Sam and Cat,Miranda Cosgrove was on Drake & Josh then ICarly,Drake Bell and Josh Peck were on The Amanda Show then Drake & Josh,Amanda Bynes was on All That then The Amanda Show,Erin Sanders was on Zoey 101 then Big Time Rush,and the list goes on and on…

  18. ArianasCat

    victoria should just shut the fuck up and realise that all this was her stupid mistake because she didnt invite anyone to go on tour with her so they cancelled the show because of her. and then she blames it on ariana?! in my opinion i think that victoria is a slut because she just likes all the guys and stuff and she only likes avan and she told ariana that she never liked her…WTF STOP BLAMING ARIANA IT WAS NOT HER FUCKING FAULT IT WAS VICTORIAS. NO WONDER WHY SHE HAS NO FANS…

    • Jace

      You’re so fucking stupid. Victoria never told ariana that, get your facts straight. She’s not a slut. Being a slut implies she’s sexually promiscuous, which she’s not.Vic doesn’t blame Ariana, Ariana blamed Vic. It’s not Vic’s fault she wants to start a SOLO career. She’s can’t be on VICTORIOUS forever. She has to start her life at some point.

  19. Trust

    I’m not taking any sides because no one really knows the truth. People should probably stop making a big deal about it because the cancellation is over and done with. As for the show actually being cancelled, it is pretty sad. I would really just like to know the real reason why it was cancelled rather than rumors. Some say it’s the ratings which is ridiculous because Victorious had great ratings and was nominated and won awards. Episode limit-no. They claim that Nick shows have a life span of about 60 episodes which Drake and Josh did, but iCarly had 109 episodes including a series finale. A lot of people say that they may continue it and I hope that’s not just wishful thinking because I do miss this show. However if it doesn’t continue or even get a proper ending, at least we can all still enjoy the episodes they did make.

  20. Erika

    No Thats A Lie If Anything Ariana Is Insiant I Love Her And Victoria Is A Fake Ariana Is So Much Prettier ,Talented,And Way Better Singer Also Sat And Cat Is So Much Better Because It Doesnt Have Annoyings Like Victoria She Is Just Jelous

  21. Ann

    Victoria did want she wanted to do! She’s been working with Nickelodeon for years!! She wanted to get here singing career going, and not stay on the show. Yea, it’s sad she didn’t do the tour with the cast, it would’ve kept the show going. But maybe she got tired of being on the show! But her fighting on twitter with Ariana was uncalled for.
    You aren’t her!! You can’t say what she should’ve done!

    And as for Ariana, I love her! It wasn’t her fault the show ended!! She was probably excited for more Victorious, but devastated when Victoria wouldn’t do the tour.

    It’s really sad that the show ended, but what about the cast? I’ve only heard three of the cast members have new jobs. Ariana, Sam and cat. Avan, twisted. Danielle, Awesomeness TV. What about the other cast members?

    I would’ve LOVED for another season, that show was awesome. But because of the show, I started watching Ariana on Sam and Cat… And it’s WAYY better. And Ariana is becoming a singer, and Victoria could’ve done the same. Be on Victorious but also work on her career.

    But I’m not choosing sides. Both are good actresses and singers, and have a good life ahead.

  22. CalmDownGuys

    1st. Victoria was out of town. Its not like she wasn’t invited
    2nd.Ariana only said that stuff because A LOT of people think it was Sam and Cats fault.
    3rd. Dan said it wasn’t the cast or his fault, it was nick’s choice.

  23. Madison Casteliano

    Wow, its obviously Victorias fault! She decided to be selfish and do a solo career instead of a cast one, don’t get me wrong, I love Vic and her show! But Ariana is innocent, Vic made her miserable and unhappy.. Nobody should feel that way EVER! Stop all the negative comments on “Sweehearted Ariana Grande” If this wasn’t true, Vic would have spoken by now.

  24. Madison

    ;( Victoria Justice never supported Ariana Grande with her new album release yesterday and meanwhile the rest of the cast supported it saying get yours truly! ;( must still be fighting too bad I love both of them a lot and I’m not about to pick sides.

  25. Georgia

    Victoria had nothing important with Ariana ! If she hated her she would have said something bad for Ariana but Victoria didn’t say anything for Ariana even if she didn’t really like her ! Grande instead of being nice to Victoria she create a lie because she wanted to be the nice girl ! Ariana was jealous of VICTORIA because she had the lead role ! They both have amazing voices but different ! ARIANA can reach high notes but Victoria not , Victoria can reach low notes but Ariana can’t ! You can’t compare their voices !Victoria is a better actor and that’s why she got the lead role ,no reason for Ariana to hate Victoria ! They are both very talented!

    • dar

      Ummmmm. Victoria got the lead role because she had been on Zoey 101 &Arianna was new to Nick. Also, Arianna wouldn’t have fit that role. It had nothing to do with her acting skills. Good grief have some common sense. Check out the history with Nick stars & their shows before talking out your butt.

  26. izzy

    Victoria got the lead role because she’s the prettiest, all shows choose the most attractive person to play the lead role duh.

  27. Anon

    I am sorry to say this but what ariana grande is doing right now is childish i dont care how much hate i am getting for this because its my opinion. you guys are blaming victoria for no reason. i love victoria a bit more then ariana. again i dont care about you haters 🙂

  28. babyboo

    ok guys let me set this straight 1. they were both young . 2. they fought way before Sam and Cat came out 3. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT YOU TARDS. 4. Ariana makes mistakes and she learns from them Victoria does too there both human. 5. I think you all should stop butting in there business 6. it doesn’t matter who got the lead role on Victorious it shouldn’t matter . just cause Victoria worked longer with nick doesn’t mean she had to get the part anyone could’ve gotten it . 7.ari and Victoria are nice girls they both just had there album released soo whateves . 8. It was immature for ari to call Victoria out but Victoria shouldn’t have responded in the first place 9. Victoria should’ve asked for there opinion about going solo too. 10. THERE BOTH AMAZING SINGERS STOP COMPARING THM YOU FUCK TARDS . GAHH THEY EACH HAVE THERE OWN TYPE OF SOUND K. Love you guys ;*

  29. ironman3

    The funny thing is that Victoria left that show thinking she was going to do a solo tour when she didnt even get to do one. she didnt realize that in music she’s not as big a name as she thought she was. now everyone else is moving on and ariana is way more successful than her and she screwed herself over by choosing a solo tour. and she ended having to headline it with big time rush.

  30. I think they should stop fighting

  31. Anonymous

    I don’t want to take a side or anything. I don’t like it when my two fave TV characters fight. But I am kind of mad at them both for this. They are being a bad example for children. I looked up to both of them and they are both acting kinda stupid. First off, if Arianna was mad at Victoria for her little solo tour, she shouldnt have said it publicly where everyone could see it. Im sensing a bit of jealousy from Arianna. Either that or she was REALLY mad the show was ending. I had never pictured Arianna to be so intense like that. Then, when Victoria responded, I didn’t exactly like what I saw there either. Like I said before, a lot of kids including me look up to u celebs. You better sort this out. I don’t believe that it’s Sam and Cat’s fault that Victorious ended like so many others are saying these days. Im not saying what Arianna said about Vic was true either. I dont really know who to believe but you 2 need to get your acts together and sort this out because, once again, your setting a bad example for many people and your fans dont like it when you fight. Whats gonna happen to all your sam and cat viewers? What if Vic goes on another tour, how many ppl will show up huh? Not as many as there should be! I couldnt believe it when I heard this story for the first time. I dont care how hard it is to fit into ur schedules gurlz u better meet up and get your acts together!

  32. victoria fasini

    You don’t know what happend behind the scenes of Victorious maybe is what ariana said true you don’t know what victoria did to ariana or otherwise and if it wasn’t such a big thing they would haved stopped with fighting. But i was this last week at the nickelodeon studios( yea my dad has a reccord label and had to do some things there and they said it wasn’t as succesfully as icarly and that victoria also wanted to do a solo tour instead of a casttour and they would make a 4th season last year but it didn’t came a long because it wasn’t succesfully enough and what i said, vic wanted to do a solo tour. But i dont know whay happen with vic and ari about that she wasnt happy in victorious

  33. Anonymous

    I hope that Ariana and Victoria can make up as soon as possible. Because they are both my favourite celebrities. I think that they should make up instead of fighting. And we should encourage them to make up instead of choosing sides.

  34. Edward

    I think Vic ndAri should stop fighting because their Fans won’t love it…. So as for me,they should stop fighting because when I told my friends About their fight,They said that They won’t watch vIctorious showAgain….I Beg pls be back, u guyz can even sing Together nd U can Release ur Album(S) nd Ur fans will love u guys more

  35. sadeeq

    I think vic nd Ari hav amazing voices bt ari won’t have refere to vic nd vic won’t have respond……I think this fight should stop cuz I like hw dey act in VICTORIOUS……..nd they can’t sing together nd All their Fans will Love it…… LOVE U VIC nd ARI

  36. Trollop

    I cannot stand Ariana Grande. Hate me if you want, but she is such a child. So what if Victoria wanted to go do her own thing?? Unlike Ari, she decided to GROW UP! Ariana is extremely immature and always has been. And she sounds like a dying cat when she sings… she tries to hit high notes, but she just ends up sounding screechy and whiny.

    Disliking someone does not make me “jealous.”
    …not like I could ever be jealous of someone who looks like a 12 year old who hasn’t hit puberty yet, anyway…

  37. diffrent paths could sourt this out

    all this could end if as long they go diffrent ways…and if as long as u dont go diffrent ways there will b still gluches here and there jxt caz they got back does nt mean that there are u vic and ariana


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