Lily Collins: I Don’t Wear Sweats

Lily Collins appears on the July cover of Glamour magazine, and the actress – who next appears in the film Stuck In Love – talks about everything from fashion to rumors that her famous dad (singer Phil Collins) was responsible for her career success. (The answer is ‘no.’)

Known for her keen fashion sense and couture taste, Lily says she never goes casual, but isn’t necessarily doing it for the cameras, either. “Even in L.A., where everyone’s in yoga pants, I’ve never been the girl to run around in sweats,” she says. “I love fashion and always have something put together, but I won’t wear anything specifically to be photographed in. I have become more cautious of making funny faces in public.”

When asked about the speculation that her dad fostered her career, Lily says she never asked for help. “No, I always wanted to do it on my own,” she insists. “I never wanted anyone making phone calls. A name can open doors, but there’s a quote I like: ‘Personality can open doors, but only character can keep them open.’”

But she does credit her mom with her success outside of her career and Hollywood. “She guides me through my personal life, telling me to experiment,” Lily says, calling her mom her “mentor.”

“She lets me borrow her vintage. She has Chanel and eighties stuff from Yohji Yamamoto and Vivienne Westwood that she got when vintage wasn’t cool. She’d wear them to events with my dad, and everyone would ask what she had on; when she said ‘vintage,’ they’d go, ‘Oh, that’s nice,’ and, you know, turn the corner.”

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Photo credit: Glamour Magazine

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