Justin Bieber & The Bra: “I Guess Everyone Grows Up”

Long gone are the days when Justin Bieber‘s fans would throw their juice boxes and scrunchies on stage. The singer’s fans seem to be getting a little older and um, more developed.

On one of the latest stops on his Believe tour, someone threw their bra at Justin and he posted a pic of it (with screaming girls in the background) writing, “I guess everyone grows up.”

Flying lingerie is the least of the Biebs’ problems these days. His most recent headache: The singer is being sued by a photographer who claims Justin attacked him and stole his memory card outside a recording studio on June 5.

The 19-year-old popstar is having a rough few months – being skewered by the media, fighting with paparazzi, losing custody of his pet monkey, angering parents of his young fans, having Keyshawn Johnson up in his grill and getting schooled by his own grandpa.

Getting belted by a bra is probably the best thing to happen to Justin all year.

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  1. joni

    I think he thinks he is untouchable. Definately heading in the wrong direction.

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