Victoria Justice Releases The Single Artwork For ‘Gold’

Victoria Justice wants her fans to be gold diggers. That is, she’s hoping they’ll dig her upcoming debut single ‘Gold.’ The Victorious star is counting down the days until the song drops and she gave everyone a sneak peek today. She posted the artwork and wrote:

“I can’t wait anymore! Too excited. Here is the single artwork for Gold! Hope u guys like it!! 😀 #GoldSingleArt”

The 20-year-old has been concentrating on her music since her hit Nickelodeon series ended, and she recently talked to Billboard magazine about her new material. “It definitely falls under the category of pop, but it’s my own vibe,” she says.

“When you hear these songs…the people that know me are like, ‘This is so Vic!’ It’s 100 percent my personality, messages I want to get across.

“Some of the songs are really fun, upbeat stuff you can dance to, and then I have some songs that are a little more introspective, a little more mellow,” Victoria continued. “It’s just all me, basically, so it’s very cool.”

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