Cody Simpson Is Twitter Popular

Besides sold out concerts and hit records, how do you know you’ve made it? By a giant Twitter following, that’s how. Cody Simpson just reached the 5 million mark and he thanked his fans for their support – via Twitter, of course.

“5 million followers on twitter. what a milestone, and it’s all because of you, the fans. couldn’t be more stoked about the growing love and support the world is blessing me with. what’s insane is that we’ve only just begun. peace and love to you.”

Next up for the 16-year-old Aussie popstar: the release of his much anticipated album, ‘Surfer’s Paradise.’ “I think this album really represents that piece of me, my lifestyle, and where I come from,” Cody said in a Facebook chat last month.

“When making my first album ‘Paradise’ it was sort of a journey to find myself as a young adult and artist. With ‘Surfers Paradise’ the entire process felt more natural and comfortable, like being back home. I wanted to share that feeling with my fans.”

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