Are The Jonas Brothers Headed To Nickelodeon?

The Jonas Brothers found fame on the Disney Channel, first as a band and then as stars of the Camp Rock movies. But a recent Vine video posted by Joe Jonas hints that the brothers – Joe, Nick and Kevin – might be headed for rival company Nickelodeon.

In the video Nick is seen looking somber and then breaking out into a smile while sitting beneath a Nickelodeon sign. A hint of things to come, or just a play on Nick’s name? Check out the video after the break!

The boys haven’t made any mention of a Nickelodeon project, but then again they’ve been pretty busy. First performing at the Miss USA Pageant and then hitting the stage at the 2013 O Music Awards.

In a recent live Q&A the band talked about their upcoming, much-anticipated album. “The majority of this record was done in the last two years,” Joe said. “We dove in to just being able to create a new sound for ourselves, and Nick producing this it kind of changed a lot of what the style was.”

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  1. kelbel

    I want to leave a comment but I keep forgetting what I want to say when I see Nick’s adorable, flirty little smile. Oh yea Iv’e seen the Pom Poms video playing on Teen Nick. Totally reedited. Not one trampy cheerleader to be seen in this version of the video. As soon as it started I thought that this video isin’t exactly family friendly but soon realized they took all the sexy out. Did I mention Nick is gorgeous. I can’t wait for his new sexy movie to be released.


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