One Direction: Sneak Peek Of ‘This Is Us’ Trailer

The One Direction trailer for This Is Us is now out! The boys look super cute behind the scenes – traveling around Japan, trying to make a tent and showing Harry Styles visiting old friends at a bakery.

Styles shared his thoughts on the director Morgan Spurlock to Total Film stating, “I think with Morgan – I think in the films he’s done in the past he’s always kind of got really involved in it. We’ve seen the stuff he’s done. Like he takes it upon himself to kind of show stuff.”

He continued, “And you know I think we wanted someone who would get really involved in it and kind of get to know us. And not just kind of stand back and make it from the side lines. So I think with Morgan, we’re lucky that we have that with him. I mean, I think it’s always going to be scary when you’re allowing someone to come in and kind of film everything that you’re doing. It’s always a little bit nerve racking…”

The documentary comes out in the U.S. on August 30.

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