Victoria Justice: Bang That Drum

Victoria Justice posted this pic of herself keeping the beat and wrote on Instagram, “Rockin out at rehearsal the other day :P.”

The Victorious star is busy getting ready for her Summer Break Tour with Big Time Rush, and she also just released ‘Gold,’ the first single from her debut solo album. In a recent interview Victoria revealed what’s behind the lyrics in the song, and also what fans can expect to see when she performs the tune – and many others – on stage this summer.

“I love it because I’m singing from a stance of female empowerment,” the 20-year-old says of the words to ‘Gold.’

“It’s not like I’m saying, ‘I’m gold you should love me because I’m amazing and awesome,'” she laughs. “It’s more like, ‘I feel empowered about myself. I feel good as a woman. I have self-respect. You should go for me!'”

As for her tour with BTR, expect big things – and lots of props. “This is my second tour. I’m co-headlining with the Big Time Rush guys. The production is definitely bigger,” Victoria reveals.

“We have these huge video screens that are going to be lifted to 16 feet. We have a huge light show. I have some cool props. One of them, I’m calling my “pimp cane”, and it lights up,” she adds, laughing.

“I’ll be swinging that around. I have dancers for one song so that’s something new. This is also the first time I’m singing my solo music besides Victorious music.”

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