Lea Michele: Here, Kitty Kitty

Don’t look now, Lea Michele, but your cat is stalking you. The Glee star posted this pic of herself and her menacing feline and wrote, “Me and my girl :)”

A recent story revealed some surprising news about Lea – she turned down the chance to play her idol, Barbra Streisand, in a biopic.

The reason? The project was a TV movie, and also portrayed Babs in an unflattering light. “She turned us down because she wasn’t interested in doing it as a TV movie, which was the original plan,” co-writer/co-producer David A. Lee says of his team’s efforts to get Lea to star.

And they don’t expect Ms. Streisand to get involved, either. “No, we don’t expect her to consult or weigh-in,” he continued. “More likely she’ll try to sue!”


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  1. Kit

    Good move on Lea’s part. The movie seems pretty tabloidish.


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