Angela Zatopek: “Eva Longoria Is A Down-To-Earth Person”

You may recognize Angela Zatopek from Eva Longoria‘s matchmaking TV series, Ready For Love. The reality TV star has sure had a lot going on! Aside from promoting her ONE LIFE ONE LOVE initiative,  she recently launched her own jewelry line!

Celebrity Teen Scoop chatted with Angela about her experience on Ready For Love, what her ONE LIFE ONE LOVE initiative is all about, and the inspiration behind her jewelry line. The self-proclaimed “gym rat” also shared her best tips for staying in shape!

CTS: You were on Eva Longoria’s reality show Ready For Love. Can you tell us about that experience?

Angela: “It was quite a whirlwind, starting from living with a big group of women competing against one another to being quiet so long about my personal life. It was also very interesting to meet with matchmakers and hear their thoughts on each of our dating styles.  It was also eye-opening to have America watch your dates and then be critiqued during stage nights! Being the ‘winner,’ I luckily still have good relationships with the other cast members on the show. I definitely learned many positive lessons from the whole experience.”

CTS: Did you have a chance to interact much with Eva, what is she like?

Angela: “I interacted with her more after the show. She is a down-to-earth person who definitely put a lot of heart into the making of the show.”

CTS: What’s your best advice for girls in the dating scene.

Angela: “My best advice is to never compromise who you are or what you care about in life for a guy. The right guy will respect you for you, and the wrong guy will respect you for sticking to your guns with confidence, even if the relationship turns out being solely platonic. No matter what outfit, lipstick, or perfume brand you wear on a date, confidence and who you are as a person will make you shine!”

CTS: Tell us about your ONE LIFE ONE LOVE initiative. What is it all about?

Angela: “I strongly believe in not having someone ‘complete you.’ When it comes to a relationship, I believe in someone joining you in life. People can oftentimes lose themselves in a relationship, but if you put a healthy lifestyle for yourself first, then it will benefit the person you are with in the long run. One Love relates to my faith and belief that there is always one love we can count on which will never fail us no matter where we are in life: God’s love.”

CTS: You also just launched a jewelry line. Please tell us all about it. What is the inspiration behind it? 

Angela: “I was inspired by an audience member who came up to me and commented on a ring I was wearing. I wanted to create the OneLove Collection to serve as trendy jewelry for people of faith. The jewelry can have multi-faceted meanings, such as purity, the commitment between people in a relationship, or the love one has for family members.”

CTS: You are also a fitness enthusiast. Please give us your best “get in shape” advice.

Angela: “I can definitely be classified as a ‘gym rat.’ I think my best advice is to constantly drink water and try to cut out carbs during your last meal of the day.”

CTS: What are your top tips for living a healthy, wholesome lifestyle?

Angela: “Surround yourself with positive people and get involved with a group that has similar interests. Also, always challenge yourself to something new so you grow as a person and discover that you can do anything you put your mind to.”

CTS: What’s up next for you?

Angela: “I plan to continue learning mor about this whole jewelry industry!! I am a total rookie, but, luckily, I have some great mentors such as Lisa Gastineau, Mark Klein of Houston, and a few other designers out of NYC.”

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  1. Susanna

    mentor’s like Lisa D only make you look like a gold digger.


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