Victoria Justice: Backstage With Big Time Rush

Victoria Justice is on her Summer Break tour with Big Time Rush, and she posed backstage with band members Logan Henderson and a “creepin” James Maslow. The Victorious star wrote:

“@1loganhenderson & I after the show last night in Houston. I see u creepin’ @jamesmaslow 😉 lol”

In a recent interview Victoria dedicated her shows this summer to her fans. “This tour to me is like my final hurrah for Victorious, and I just want to thank all the fans for being there for me and for the show,” she said.

“But at the same time, it’s like we’re introducing them to and letting them hear my new music. Hopefully, they’ll come along on this journey with me.”

The singer/actress says that in spite of the unexpected cancellation of her hit Nickelodeon series, she is a good place. “I’m super-grateful for the position that I’m in right now, and I’m grateful that I get to do what I love,” Victoria shared. “I feel incredibly lucky.”


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  1. I’m sad that I didn’t meet with big time rush but I wanted to so badly I know that’s my dream and my wish) because worldwide is my favorite song ever and I want them to dedicated a song for my birthday song on January 23 on 2014 for all these years I like each episode’s in big time rush and I love singing to their songs like confetti falling and like nobody’s around and worldwide and elevate I like worldwide the best because that song impaired me like these years you’ve been friends and brother’s to get along.


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