Ian Somerhalder: Ana Beatriz Barros Is Just A Friend

Ian Somerhalder posted a photo of himself with Brazilian model Ana Beatriz Barros on Monday (July 8). The pair did a recent photo shoot in Lake Como, Italy for Azzaro’s new fragrance. In Touch Weekly published snapshots of them kissing passionately.

The Vampire Diaries’ star wrote via Instagram: “Was hanging loose with my friend @anabbofficial and yes ladies I stress the word “FRIEND” she is my friend and a special one at that.”

He continued, “Yup this lovely lady has a kick-ass boyfriend-not me;) No hating out there only love.If anything Follow her-I am, you’ll see beautiful landscapes, people and probably get massive fashion tips that one can only get from a sweet, smart and deep super model! Enjoy ladies and play nice!Take care of my buddy,whom I adore, out there in our digital world! Love, Ian.”

On July 7 he tweeted: “Jet lag-its real. Fought the good fight but now succumbing To it-off to Vampire Diaries set tomorrow.Goodnight beautiful world…”


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  1. Kelli

    How sad Ian had to say that on his Instagram. Ana along with Alexis Knapp have been receiving so much hate bc his fans don’t want him to move on after a break up that occurred months ago.
    So, Ian’s single options per a Nian shipper are : Date Nina. Only look sideways at Nina. Only female you can talk to, Nina. Only person you can take in your new Airstream, Nina. Just lower yourself, beg, plead, grovel to Nina, Nina, Nina.


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