Ed Sheeran: Elton John Calls Me Every Week

One of the perks of being a superstar: You might get weekly phone calls from other superstars! Ed Sheeran says that pop legend Elton John calls him often just to offer advice and support.

“Elton [John]’s continually surprising me with how much he [cares],” Ed tells People magazine. “He’ll ring me weekly just to be like, ‘Don’t give up. Do this single…I know you want to do this but do this.'”

Ed says that Elton – who handpicked the ‘Lego House’ singer to perform a duet with him at the Grammys in February – is still “really, really involved” in the young performer’s career.

“For him to take so much interest in my projects is really flattering and humbling,” Ed says.

The 22-year-old reveals that his quick rise to fame has had its drawbacks. “Realizing that not everyone is going to like you” has been hard, Ed admits, but adds that he’s learning to ignore his detractors.

“People hate you without meeting you and there’s nothing you can do about it. There’s no way you can sit them down and have a pint [to] show them that you’re an alright guy.”

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