Niall Horan: Babe In Arms

Just call him uncle Niall! The One Direction singer posted a photo via Instagram of him holding his nephew. He wrote: “Congrats Greg and Denise! Wohoooo! I’ve got a nephew! Cutest kid ever!”

It seems that Niall flew back to the UK to meet his brother’s new baby. Perfect timing as the band had a two day break from their U.S. tour this week. Tonight they perform in Minneapolis.

Zayn Malik also has reportedly been taking regular flights between the UK and America. Apparently he’s missing his girlfriend Perrie Edwards.

The Sun reports Malik took four flights in just five days to be with the Little Mix singer.  A source said, “Zayn has been missing Perrie as One Direction tour the US. At the end of last month he secretly flew from Boston to the UK to see Perrie, then from the UK to New York two days later. The next day he returned from the Big Apple to London before having to head back to the States.”

The boys sure have a lot of energy to deal with jet lag.

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Photo credit: Instagram

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