Cody Simpson: Simple Pleasures On The Jersey Shore

Cody Simpson says he doesn’t need much to be happy. The ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’ singer posted this pic during a concert on the Jersey Shore on Friday (July 19) and wrote about the simple things in life that make a 16-year-old heartthrob happy:

“give me my guitar, the beach and some ladies & I’m good. fun little acoustic set on the jersey shore”

The Aussie singer recently came to the defense of his friend – and tour mate – Justin Bieber. “I mean like, we’re all teenagers and we all do funny things sometimes,” Cody said, referring to his friend’s antics that have landed him in hot water recently. “I just think that when someone like him does it, the whole world sees it, you know.”

But Cody points out that he finds ways to keep himself out of trouble. “Well I always have my family with me,” he says. “I have my family coming here tonight and I find it important to make sure I keep just the best possible people I can around me to always teach me the, you know the best morals, so I never sort of, you know, get my head in the clouds I guess.”

“You know, it’s important. Everyone gets upset about it for no reason. It’s just fun.”

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