Demi Lovato Thanks Fans For ‘Made In The USA’ Support

Demi Lovato just released the video for her single ‘Made In The USA,’ and the singer thanked her fans for making it a big success. “2.5 Million views in a day?!?!,” she wrote alongside these screengrabs. “You guys are THE BEST!!!! #MadeInTheUSA.”

The singer even directed parts of the video but according to Perez Hilton, Demi had to be talked into appearing in any of the scenes.

“I want people to connect with the characters, and I actually didn’t want to be in it at all,” Demi said. “I wanted to be all behind the camera, and then my label and everyone was like, ‘You have to be in the video, it’s your song.’ So, I was like, ‘Alright, fine, I’ll be in the video.'”

But the 20-year-old kept her time onscreen to a minimum. “And that’s why it’s just a few performance shots, and I also wanted to tie the performance into how they met.”

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  1. wow

    *****Made in the USA
    (it’s literally in the tweet you quoted)

  2. Orly

    The single is called “Made in the USA” not “Born in the USA”. Get your facts straight before writing an article.


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