Cody Simpson: I Wouldn’t Have A Career Without The Internet

Cody Simpson is a popular presence on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, but he says it’s more than just keeping in touch with fans – the singer believes that without technology and the internet, he wouldn’t have a career.

“I’d be in Australia with no way of getting my music out there,” the 16-year-old tells USA Today. “The Internet is such a powerful platform nowadays, being able to showcase what you can do. I’d be swimming, surfing. … I wouldn’t even be writing songs.”

Just three years ago Cody was singing in front of his webcam and posting the videos on YouTube. He caught the eye of a producer for Atlantic Records, and now the Australian native is releasing his second album and touring the country, part of that time with Justin Bieber.

Part of Cody‘s daily task is tweeting regularly with fans, posting photos to Instagram and keeping his YouTube content fresh. “Music can only get you so far. You need to have visuals,” he emphasizes. “It’s important for me to keep up the content.

“My career was built online through Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, and I find it important to keep up the content and keep my fans hydrated.”

But Cody also wishes it was easier to unplug and fly under the radar once in awhile. “It’s much more complex now because you have to share everything about you to your fans, to the public,” he says.

“I almost wish I was an artist 30 years ago. It was very mysterious; there was air of mystery around the art. Now it’s better to embrace people knowing everything about you. The more you share with your fans, the closer they feel like they can be to you. It’s more nowadays fans are less fans, and more friends.”

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