Tyler Posey: “There’s A Bunch Of Deaths” In ‘Teen Wolf’

The cast of MTV’s Teen Wolf attended San Diego’s Comic-Con on July 18 and 19. The stars posed and partied after talking about their series which will return on January 6.

E! News reports Tyler Posey teased, “There’s a bunch of deaths. A bunch of people will die, Scott has to make the choices as to who’s going to live and who’s going to die and then he will ultimately probably become a True Alpha if he makes those correct choices.”

Tyler Hoechlin added, “Derek’s just lost at life…he’s lost the game of life. He’s failed in every area. The death of Boyd really throws into perspective how big of a mess Derek has got himself into.”

The actors really seemed like they were enjoying their time at Comic-Con – signing autographs and licking dolls.

Holland Roden shared a photo via Instagram and wrote on July 19: “Japanese strawberry flavored kit kats from amazing fans!! @tdrinkinmofo #comiccon”

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