Lucy Hale Denies She’s Quitting ‘Pretty Little Liars’

Looks like Lucy Hale is pretty much in love. She posted a photo of herself and boyfriend Graham Rogers recently. Graham plays Danny Matheson on NBC’s Revolution.

The actress also again denied rumors she’s quitting Pretty Little Liars. Tabloids had reported that Lucy was feeling she wasn’t getting as much attention as co-star Shay Mitchell. She tweeted on July 21, “It’s my heart. Shame on the magazines for being allowed to post fake stories with fake sources.”

A source supposedly told Star magazine, “She can’t handle Shay being more important than her, so she’s simply stopped speaking to her.”

Meanwhile get ready to dance along with the characters in Rosewood. There will be a country-themed occasion at Rosewood High’s first annual hoedown dance.

The episode – titled Bring Down The Hoe – will air on August 20.

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  1. Taylor

    Lucy was quoted in Seventeen magazine that “…I never understood jealousy. I’m a girls’ girl. I want to be happy for you and root for you.”

    Looking at all this nonsense, it may just appear to be Shay Mitchell being the jealous one. After all who is more well known? Shay who ?


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