Cody Simpson: Fan Fueled

Cody Simpson took a moment to snap a selfie with fans after a concert on Wednesday (July 31) and then posted the pic on Instagram. The Aussie singer is known for connecting with his audiences through social media, and his latest project shows another way he’s reaching out.

For the latest installment in his ‘Paradise Series’, Cody turned the camera over to his fans for this first-ever fan-made episode! A few fans in Toronto followed the 16-year-old through a crazy week in Canada. See the video after the break.

In makes sense that Cody would use social media – and the internet – to stay involved with his audience. In a recent interview he said that without the internet he wouldn’t even have a career.

“I’d be in Australia with no way of getting my music out there,” he told USA Today. “The Internet is such a powerful platform nowadays, being able to showcase what you can do. I’d be swimming, surfing. … I wouldn’t even be writing songs.”

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