Olivia Holt: “I Love Playing Characters That Inspire Other People”

Kickin’ It star Olivia Holt has sure been one busy teen! Last weekend, she helped kids and their families kick off the back-to-school season in style at JC Penney in Glendale, California. At the event, kids got to meet Olivia and design and personalize their newly purchased school supplies at JC Penney’s “Make It Yours” customization station.

Celebrity Teen Scoop got to chat with Olivia about her experience at the back-to-school Make It Yours” event, what she loves the most about being on Kickin’ It, and how she got her start in acting. The talented Disney star also shared her best advice for kids getting ready to make the transition from summer fun to the busy back-to-school season!

CTS: Tell us about your back-to-school event at JC Penney in Glendale! What was the event all about?

Olivia: “I was super excited about it! Kids and their families were invited to bring their newly purchased backpacks and shoes and personalize them at JC Penney’s ‘Make It Yours’ customization station. All of the event attendees could make their back-to-school stuff unique, special, and truly ‘theirs.’ I was really excited to help everyone out with that, and it was a really fun time!

I love doing things like this. I love meeting fans and helping them out, especially with the school year starting soon. I grew up going shopping with my mom and trying to make things more unique and distinct. I went in to help the kids, see what their personalities were like, and help them personalize their stuff to help them express themselves.”

CTS: What tips do you have for kids who are getting ready to make the transition from summer to the busy back-to-school season?

Olivia: “Try to get back into school mode! Everyone is relaxed in the summer and focused on swimming, being out in the sun, and doing different activities. You have to have a focused mentality when you go back to school. My best tip is to sit there and think about how this is going to be a new year with new experiences, new friends, and new teachers. Go in with a positive attitude.”

CTS: You currently stars as Kim on Disney’s Kickin’ It. What is your favorite part about being on the show?

Olivia: “There are so many great things about being on the show! My favorite thing is having the most incredible, talented, and hard-working cast and crew that I’ve ever worked with. Each day, I go in and everyone is so nice and welcoming…we’ve literally become like a family. It’s been one of the best experiences of my life! I love going up there and seeing my cast and crew every day. They make it all the more special.”

CTS: Do you get along well with all your male co-stars? Do you hang out off-set?

Olivia: “I do hang out with my male co-stars off-set. It’s funny, because we’ve been working together for the past three years, and just a few months ago we realized that we hadn’t gone out to dinner as a whole cast. We finally actually all went out together, and our crew members also joined us. We had a really fun time! I do get to see them pretty often off-set and we always have a great time.”

CTS: What do you love the most about acting?

Olivia: “I love becoming a different character, such as Kim in Kickin’ It. Kim is such a confident girl, and I feel like she inspired other girls and she inspires me. I look up to her and I love playing her, because I love playing characters that inspire other people. I also love playing roles that challenge me and can be a little difficult to pursue, like becoming a rocker. I think a role like that would be challenging and really fun at the same time. It would be a different experience. I love portraying different characters and I always have a fun time doing it.”

CTS: How did you get your start in acting?

Olivia: “Ever since I was really little, my younger sister and I would put on little skits and plays for my mom, dad, and entire family. My mom saw how much my sister and I loved entertaining and being in front of an audience, so she put us in a theater camp. I fell in love with it and wanted to go to theater every summer. I got my start there, just performing and singing on stage. That’s where it began.”

CTS: What advice do you have for young people thinking of getting into the acting industry?

Olivia: “Definitely come in with your chin up and have a positive attitude about everything, because it is a really tough business. I feel like you definitely have to have a great family and wonderful, supportive people around you. I have a great family that supports me and helps me stay grounded and humble.

In each audition you go on, there are going to be more no’s than yes’s, so you have to take that well. For me, I can never get too attached to a role, because it is really hard on me if I end up not getting it. That is one of the things I think most people have a tough time with and it’s one of the things that I’m gradually evolving from. I definitely think that a positive attitude is very important and will get anyone a long way.”

CTS: What other upcoming projects do you have?

Olivia: “As of now, I am working on my music and I hopefully will have something out this fall. It’s been really fun! I’m going into the recording studio and learning the writing process with some friends, so that’s been a really great time. I am also working on a new show on Disney Channel called I Didn’t Do It, and the production for that starts in September. That should be a really cool new experience for me and I’m really excited to see where that takes me and the rest of the cast and crew. I am ecstatic about that.”

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    It’s good to inspire people and also be a good example! It’s rare these days to find solid rolemodels for the little fans.

  3. What a bright star!! So refreshing and so young. My kids love Kickin it:)

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