Miley Cyrus: Beach Time With Mom

Miley Cyrus spent time with her mom Tish recently. The singer tweeted a photo and wrote on August 5, “It’s mommy time @tishcyrus”.

On Sunday the 20-year-old also revealed she got inked for the third time by Kat Von D. However she didn’t tell fans what the new body art is of.

In January that tattoo artist gave Miley two crossed arrows on her right elbow, and then two months later she gave her a da Vinci anatomical heart on her forearm.

Nominated for three VMAs Miley recently told MTV, “I’m so thankful to my fans. I’m obviously making the music and I come out here and like, ‘work,’ but it’s really all on the fans. They’re all about buying the record and who’s out there making the video so viral and get to 100 million. So, really, I want to continue to shine the light on them a little bit. That’s why it’s important to show this army of Smilers.”

She added, “Winning, they get as excited as I do, I really think. Cause they’re the ones who are making it happen, voting every day. So every day I just go to my Twitter feed and I see ‘I just voted for Best Pop Video,’ ’cause I see all my followers who have been voting, it’s obviously so cool. That’s why I wanted to represent them in this whole video and show kinda how they’re a part of my crew.”

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