Selena Gomez: Viva Vancouver!

Selena Gomez had a stop in Vancouver on her ‘Stars Dance’ tour and kept fans in the loop by posting a few pics on her Instagram account. She snapped this one while grabbing a snack backstage and wrote, “Hi Vancouver :)”

While in Vancouver, the ‘Come And Get It’ singer gave a quick interview to the Vancouver Sun and talked about everything from her Disney days to her recent role in the controversial Spring Breakers.

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On transitioning from her show Wizards Of Waverly Place and her younger fan base: “I take my fans into consideration. Obviously I started on the [Disney] channel so my fan base started off younger. I think they’re beautiful and amazing, but there comes a point where, artistically, you get blocked.”

On deciding to do Spring Breakers, and working with director Harmony Korine and actor James Franco: “I felt like making Harmony’s movie so, knowing that he had a new script coming out, I flew straight to Nashville to his house, in his living room, and auditioned to him and his wife for two hours.

“It was a great learning experience and the opportunity to work with James, who created this insane character I didn’t even recognize — he was just so brilliant, artistically and creatively. As an artist, that’s where I needed to be.”

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