Cody Simpson Gets Inked!

It looks like Cody Simpson took the plunge and got his first tattoo. The ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’ singer posted a pic and simply tweeted, “Palm anchor.” Along with another photo he wrote, “Oh the creations – sick one.”

The tattoo is an image of an anchor combined with a palm tree. We’re guessing it symbolizes Cody‘s love of the ocean and beaches – although we have no idea if the ink is permanent or not. Some of his fans are hoping it’s fake, though. “Cody no tattoos please,” several fans have commented.

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And Cody takes his social media fans very seriously. In a recent interview he said that without the internet he wouldn’t even have a career.

“I’d be in Australia with no way of getting my music out there,” he told USA Today. “The Internet is such a powerful platform nowadays, being able to showcase what you can do. I’d be swimming, surfing. … I wouldn’t even be writing songs.”

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  1. emma

    its a henna


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