Kristen Stewart Has ‘Camp X-Ray’ Co-Star Move Into Her Home

Is Kristen Stewart dating her Camp X-Ray co-star Lane Garrison? It’s been reported that the actress is letting Lane live in her house in Los Feliz, Calif. while they do re-shoots for the film.

A source exclusively told Yahoo! omg!, “Kristen was enjoying Lane’s company and he was spending a lot of time with her at her home. He doesn’t live in LA so he moved out of his hotel when they became close and moved into the guest wing of her house in Los Feliz.”

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However Kristen’s brother Cameron is not for the relationship.

The source said, “Kristen’s big brother, Cameron, has told her he’s concerned about the new relationship, especially since his recent arrest after his jail term … But Kristen is trying to pull her life together and she’s been leaning on Lane since they started filming together. She understands his past but trusts that he’s changed and is really enjoying getting to know him.”

So what is the former Prison Break star’s past?

He served three years in jail for vehicular manslaughter in 2007 after a drink-driving accident which left 17-year-old Beverly Hills High School student Vahagn Setian dead. He is also on four years parole after being arrested in April 2012 on a charge of misdemeanour battery for allegedly slapping his ex-girlfriend, Playboy Playmate Ashley Mattingly, across the face outside her Beverly Hills apartment.

Kristen, 23, and Lane, 33, recently posed for a snapshot on August 10. The film’s story is about a detention facility of the same name at Guantanamo Bay.

What do think of this coupling if it’s true?

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  1. hawk

    S papzz around her house 24/7? With helicopters over her house? Really? That we should not at least one picture?!
    Looks like the dirt of one manager of the team, hmm …..

  2. Full of Crap!

    Why would you print these lies on a site directed at teenagers?! This story has already been denied by Stewart’s reps. Kristen is currently in Europe filming Sils Maria and will be there until October. She is not living with Garrison, nor is she dating him! She doesn’t live in a mansion, she doesn’t even have a guest wing! You are really desperate to take silly stories from unreliable sources. Just makes you guys look stupid!


    You should do a little more research before you start printing lies! This story was already denied last week! Try to keep up!

    link to


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