Demi Lovato: “The Best Birthday Of My Entire Life!”

Demi Lovato has expressed joy on her trip to Africa. The X Factor judge posted pictures via Twitter and wrote recently, “This trip has been such an amazing experience. Yesterday was the best birthday of my entire life!!!”

The singer also got a unique gift. On Thursday (August 22) she told fans,  Btw… No big deal or anything but… One of Maasai communities gave me a GOAT for my birthday!!!!!! ..I named him billy.”

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On Tuesday – her 21st birthday – Demi shared a snapshot of herself doing manual labor.

“Thank you all for the birthday wishes!!! Having the best birthday ever in Africa with @freethechildren!!!”

Watch out for Demi on the season premiere of The X Factor on Wednesday, September 11 on FOX.

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Photo credit: Twitter/Instagram


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  1. Jasmine

    I love Demi so much. I’m so proud of what she has done and hope for the best in the future. <3

  2. Kymberley

    I agree with Jasmine; Demi I’m really proud of you also. The gift of the goat is a big deal to those people. You stating “the best birthday ever”, declares the obvious; that the life lessons of helping others is the best experience that you can’t give to anyone but yourself. I wish every 7th grader could go spend some time in Africa & be hands on with helping those children. I seriously think it would impact them on SO many levels.


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