Miley Cyrus Has Tongues Wagging At The VMAs

Miley Cyrus showed her tongue a lot while in rehearsal and at the live show of the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night (August 25). Her raunchy performance with Robin Thicke featured giant teddy bears and lots of gyrating. On Instagram she shared a few photos of her furry friends.

During rehearsal she wrote for one snapshot, “Having a moment with Boo.”

She also revealed the cover art for Bangerz via Twitter on Saturday, writing, “You know the vintage YSL don’t stay on for long ‪#bangerz ‪#october8.”

Speaking to MTV – Miley said, “I was really focused on the music video so the fact that I got the VMA nominations, I was really excited ’cause this was the first time that I’ve really had to make people trust me. Me and Diane had this vision that you couldn’t really explain to people. They just had to trust you and I kind of said ‘Trust me on this one thing and if this is the best thing that’s ever happened to me, then you just know you’ll have to continue to trust me. And if not, you never have to trust me again.

“Since it’s done so well, and now it’s at 100 million [views] and we’ve got this crazy director’s cut and fans have been loving it so much, and the video has done exactly what I wanted it to do, which was kind of take over the Internet and go viral and be something different and fun. I’m looking forward to doing that at the VMAs too.”

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  1. cb

    this is one trashy young woman. she just emphasizes that every time she is out in public. i dont understand the need to look, act, dress and be such a slut. does she think she is attractive ? she is actually so sad. to see such potential wasted by looking and acting like a two cent hooker.
    i am sure her parents are embarrassed and mortified by her actions.

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