Chris Brown Paints Justin Bieber’s Ramp, Is Awesome

New BFFs Justin Bieber and Chris Brown were hanging out and bonding over artsy things. Chris painted Justin‘s skateboard ramp, and he was very pleased. But let’s let Justin tell you about it in his own words:

“Breezy spray painted my half pipe. He’s super dope.”

This isn’t the first time the two have collaborated creatively: They recorded the single ‘Next 2 You,’ together in 2011.

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And Breezy thinks he and the Biebs have a lot in common, seeing as they are both abused by the press. “With [Justin], it’s a case of how I feel. It’s being young, having limitless amount of income for whatever you want to do as a young guy,” Chris said in an interview earlier this year.

“And then, at the same time, you don’t have nobody that’s gonna say, ‘Hey, bruh, you look whack right now.'”

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