Lea Michele Films ‘Glee’ In NYC

Lea Michele is in New York City filming scenes for Glee. Is Rachel Berry getting her dream job in Funny Girl on Broadway? Ryan Murphy tweeted a photo on Monday (September 9) showing Lea standing at the St. James Theatre under the sign reading “Funny Girl The Musical”.

“#GleeinNYC #FunnyGirl #Broadway,” Lea tweeted – re-posting the photo via Instagram.

The actress was seen arriving at the airport on Saturday wearing her Cory necklace and braving a smile.

Lea Michele: “Enjoying This Labor Day”

Season 5 of Glee premieres on Sept. 26. Then the show will go on hiatus until the spring. A source has said Lea will not have a new love this season. Instead Demi Lovato will play Naya Rivera’s girlfriend for a few episodes.

A source told Hollywoodlife.com, “It is true that Lea doesn’t want to move fast into another relationship so quickly from the loss of Finn. Rachel, for the remainder of the show, is going to be a version of Lea that she wants to show to her fans. Cory and Finn will not be forgotten.”

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