Giveaway: Play All Your Fave Apps With The MG Android App-Gaming System

Looking for a fun way to play all your fave apps and Android games without ever having to borrow Mom’s smartphone or tablet again? You would love the mobile MG Android App-Gaming System, the first pocketable, portable, and wi-fi enabled app-playing device. With the MG, there is no need for outrageously priced smartphones and the monthly data plans that come with them!

Loved by teen celebrities like Olivia Holt, the MG Android App-Gaming System features a 4-inch high-density Gorilla Glass touchscreen, a sleek and slim pocketable design, a headset jack, screen brightness control, volume control, a micro USB port, Back/Home/Menu touch keys, a 26 GB expandable memory, an engaging origins story avatar system, and a front-facing 1.3 mega-pixel camera. With 60,000 app games available, the MG has limitless affordable App play and 11 awesome pre-loaded games!

The MG’s Family Collaboration System also includes a “Digital Wallet,” “Remote Trust,” and a SpendSmart™ prepaid Mastercard system so that you can responsibly make app purchases without ever bothering or surprising the parents. For more info on this one-of-a-kind Android gaming device, check out their website. The 24 GB MG is currently priced at $179.99 (includes a charger) and the 40GB MG is priced at $199.99 (includes a charger and a case).

One lucky winner will win a portable MG Android App-Gaming System! Enter using the RaffleCopter widget below, and do all of the entry options for up to 7 entries in the giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This contest ends Wednesday, September 25th at 12:00 a.m. EST. This contest is open to U.S. residents only. Good luck!

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  1. Kelly

    I would love to win this because it’s portable and wifi enabled.

  2. Rachael E

    I’d love to win this gaming system because I am so busy in college and would love a fun way to relax once in a while!

  3. Amy Lee

    I LOVE games! I’d have so much fun with this 🙂

  4. Kellie

    This would be so awesome for the car and road trips! I would love this for my teen!

  5. Christine M

    this looks like a really neat system to use for games

  6. arely colin

    my daughter would love this

  7. Carina

    This would be great for my nephew who always ask me to play on my phone. I really want this for him 🙂

  8. Colleen Boudreau

    Because it looks really cool!

  9. ellen beck

    I would love to win because of aall the great things I have heard about them in reviews and how nice it is plus I have someone here who would love it!

  10. CarolynH

    We are a gaming family. My son is a straight A student & he deserves to have this cool prize. atpoohro

  11. tamara

    I want to win!! i really love playMG … i wish i had it because PlayMG is awesome… i’m following it on instagram… If i don’t win , my life and dream is over.

  12. Natalie S

    Would love to win this for my boys! I love that it’s portable and has wifi enabled! Neat!

  13. Olivia Rubin

    So I can have my phone back to talk

  14. sandra davis

    i want to win because it will be great to take while traveling

  15. Unnat

    The MG Android App-Gaming System will not just be my life companion but my ultimate companion. It’ll follow me from the Hectic School to my Comfortable home . The MG Android App-Gaming System would help me enjoy my favourite android games while enjoying my cup of coffee at the corner cafe and checking my facebook news feed on my phone instead . Playing Real Racing 3 on the HD, 4″ display will take my Gaming experience to a whole new level. It’ll be my shadow where ever I go.

  16. tamara

    I really want to win because i want PlayMG a lot !! When PlayMG said on twitter that there is a contest to win a PlayMG… my heart beatered faster ,please choose me… i wish a lot a PlayMG.
    PlayMG is better than Apple.

  17. Unnat Choudhury

    It would take my Android Gaming experience to the whole new level ! The built in wifi would make downloading games a cake walk ! It would enable me to check my facebook feeds on my phone while playing this and i will not have to pause ! It would be my shadow wherever i go – From home to school – anywhere !

  18. Unnat Choudhury



    I would like to win because this would keep my oldest child entertained.

  20. tamara

    I really want the PlayMG, because my parents wouldn’t buy me one, because my mom would say “tell it to your dad” and my dad would say “yes” but it would never happen. (It happened to me) 🙁

  21. adina

    would love to win it because it’s just plain awesome!!

  22. Darin R.

    I would play games on it.

  23. tamara

    PlayMG for me is a very important technology , you can have many app to have fun and if i had one PlayMG i won’t bother my mom with her phone (i’ve never won a contest but i hope this is the first)

  24. sandra

    because my kids are fascinated by gaming technology right now

  25. Andrea

    would keep my husband occupied 🙂

  26. Linda Landes

    I would like to win one for my great grand son 🙂

  27. Josh Parker

    I would play games and listen to music.

  28. jo

    I would love to win this for my daughter who likes to play with apps!!!

  29. Megan Whitt

    looks awesome! i need it!


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