We “R” Remix Drops It Low With New Single

There’s a funky and fresh new urban-pop trio to follow! If you are a huge fan of Chris Brown, you would love the pop/hip-hop/R & B tunes of We “R” ReMix! Consisting of the three talented singers Harley, Michael, and Anna, We “R” Remix is making a huge splash in the dance music scene with their new single, “Drop It Low!”

Celebrity Teen Scoop got to chat with the group members about their new single “Drop It Low,” how they met and formed as a group, and their greatest musical inspirations. We “R” ReMix also shared exciting highlights from their recent performance on BET’s show 106 and Park!

CTS: Congratulations on your new single “Drop It Low!” What was it like producing the song?

Michael: “It was actually a really fun process! We stayed in the studio all night!”

Anna: “Yeah, we got to sit in the studio with a really great writer named Frankie. She helped us write the song and gave us the vocals and everything. She kept saying, ‘Try this, try this, try this!’ We stayed in the studio all night and did all kinds of crazy and fun stuff. It was a great time.”

Harley: “It was really fun, because we were all dancing and there was a lot of energy. We all had a great time playing around with the song.”

CTS: You all recently performed on BET’s show “106 and Park.” What was that experience like? Any crazy or funny moments to share?

Michael: “It was a really fun and cool experience for me!”

Anna: “It was really great, because we got to meet Bow Wow and see a lot of artists who are all doing the same thing we are . It was fun meeting all of the people on the show… overall, it was such a great experience.”

Harley: “It was probably the most nervous I’ve ever been, but it was so much fun after it was all over. It was fantastic.”

CTS: How did you all meet and form as a group?

Anna: “We’ve known each other since we were about five years old. We were all in show choir together, and the director of the show choir, Michael’s mom, said, ‘You know, these kids are the ones who have stuck together throughout all the years. Why don’t we make a group out of them? That’s how we came to be.”

CTS: What is the story behind the name We “R” ReMix?

Anna: “When you look at us, we’re a Latina girl, a white girl, and an African American boy. We’re a mix of gender and a mix of races, which is something that’s never been done before. We ‘R’ Remix!”

Michael: “We also all have our own individual tastes in music, and I think we all bring something different to the table.”

CTS: Describe your music’s sound.

Michael: “I would describe our sound as very fun, urban-pop dance music that’s original. A lot of our stuff promotes the need to be happy about exactly who you are. There is nothing negative.”

CTS: Who are your greatest musical inspirations?

Harley: “One of mine is J-Lo, because we are both Latina and I like her music and how she dances. I also really like Beyoncé, because she is an amazing performer, and I am a huge fan of Katy Perry and other performers like her.”

Anna: “ I really enjoy some of the old-school artists like Barbra Streisand. Also, the two current artists I admire are Britney Spears and Pink.”

Michael: “I like Michael Jackson, of course, Chris Brown, and pretty much anyone out there who is taking over right now.” [laughs]

CTS: What other songs are you all working on?

Michael: “We actually have a new song called “This Is It,” which we are about to release. That song is really fun and great to dance to. We are all basically in rehearsal right now and not working on the music so much. We are getting the show ready.”

CTS: What do you all like to do when you aren’t working on songs or preparing for a performance?

Anna: “Right now, I’m actually doing schoolwork. We’re home-schooled so I’m doing that right as we speak.”

Harley: “We all absolutely love watching movies on Netflix! I’m not in school yet because it hasn’t started, but I will soon. That will take up a lot of my time once it starts. We all love just hanging out and having a good time together.”

Michael: “I really love playing basketball. We have a basketball court where we live, so if I’m not doing anything I’ll go spend five hours on the court!”

CTS: What advice do you have for other young people thinking of getting into the music industry?

Anna: “I would say that nothing comes without hard work, especially in this business. You have to keep working hard and you can’t get discouraged. Keep your hopes up and something will eventually happen.”

Michael: “My biggest advice is to never ever give up. You are going to get a thousand ‘no’s’ before you get one ‘yes.’”

Harley: “Just be yourself, because the only way people make it is by being themselves. You can’t be anyone else.”

CTS: Is there anything you would all like to say to the fans?

Michael: “If you don’t already, follow us on Twitter at @WeAre_Remix”

Anna: “Please also check out our Facebook page, Facebook.com/weareremix1 and you can also follow our Instagram @WeAreRemix1. We love you all!”

What’s up next for ReMix?

Michael: “Just basically getting the show ready!”

Harley: “We are getting ready to go on some meetings soon, so hopefully that all goes well!”

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