Jennette McCurdy On Mentoring Kidz Star USA, Fave TV Shows

Jennette McCurdy has been one busy lady! She recently served as the celebrity mentor and emcee for the 2013 Kidz Star USA Grand Finale Event held at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California. At the event, Jennette helped select the Grand Prize winner, Isabel Lacatus, who won a recording contract with RCA Records.

Celebrity Teen Scoop also attended the grand finale and chatted with Jennette about her experience as a celebrity mentor. She also revealed what she and her friends do for fun, her top go-to outfit, and which actors and actresses she would love to work with!

CTS: What is your favorite part about being a celebrity mentor?

Jennette: “It’s so great mentoring the kids. The kids are really talented and I love competitions that encourage kids to work hard and follow their dreams. It’s wonderful to know that people are looking to you for some sort of words of advice. It also helps you give yourself advice in the process.”

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CTS: What are the most important aspects you’re focusing on in judging this competition?

Jennette: “Just seeing who naturally likes what they’re doing and who is enjoying every second of it. There is no need to be here if you are not loving everything about it.”

CTS: What do you think of the venue the grand finale is being held at? Do you like roller coasters?

Jennette: “I hope I get to go on roller coasters after the competition! That’s all I care about. [laughs] I am definitely an adrenaline junkie.”

CTS: What can fans expect to see in upcoming episodes of Sam & Cat?

Jennette: “I don’t know yet!”

CTS: Which actors and actresses would you like to work with someday?

Jennette: “I would love to work with Andrew Garfield, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Zooey Deschanel, and definitely Johnny Depp and Michael J. Fox.

CTS: What do you and your friends like to do when you’re hanging out?

Jennette: “We like to go see movies, watch live comedy, play improv games and board games, and drive around aimlessly, which is what we usually end up doing.” [laughs]

CTS: What is your go-to outfit?

Jennette: “I love throwing on a pair of jeans, pumps, and a basic shirt, like what I am wearing today. I love an outfit that is simple and can’t be messed up…I feel like once I get too many elements in an outfit, I completely ruin it. It’s all about keeping it clean and fresh.”

CTS: What TV shows do you like to watch in your free time?

Jennette: “I love Breaking Bad, New Girl, 30 Rock, and SNL

CTS: What is your favorite food to eat?

Jennette: “I love to eat apples, sushi, and waffles.” [laughs]

CTS: Any favorite book series?

Jennette: “I love the Harry Potter series! Right now, I am reading negotiating books, one called Getting More.”

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